Aging Across Borders: Older Peruvians transnational family ties and practices

Studies in the field of transnational families have emphasized the complexities and consequences of older peoples’ situations in spatially-ruptured family arrangements. However, empirical evidence of the prevalence and structuring features of older peoples’ family related transnational activities remains scarce. Similarly, little is known about the relationship between age and/or specific stages in the life-course and the type and scope of older family members’ transnational engagement. Also scarcely researched is the association between different migration regimes and transnational family arrangements. This project aims to narrow this research gap through the study of older Peruvians’ transnational family ties and practices. It does so in the form of five essays which are framed by the overall research question of how, why and to what extent do older Peruvians engage in transnational family ties and practices.

Funding: German Research Association (DFG) in the context of the Research Training Group “Transnational Social Support”



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