Life situations and support structures of older Syrian refugees in Mainz

There are many indications that older refugees are a particularly vulnerable group, often excluded from protection and support programs. However, older refugees have received little attention from academics, politicians and practitioners. There is thus a lack of systematic studies on their life situations, needs and perspectives as well as on the support they receive/perceive and to what extent the existing support structures react to their life situations. This explorative study seeks to narrow this research gap by asking about the needs and experiences of older Syrian refugees in Germany. Its primary aim is to gain insights into their life situations and to relate the findings to the existing offers and measures of refugee and support services. In so doing, it seeks to provide empirical evidence of the fit between the subjectively experienced reality of life and the existing support structures.

Project director: Vincent Horn

Funding: Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany (2018-2019)