Research Cluster Transnational Aging

The Research Cluster “Transnational Aging” focuses on the analysis of aging and old age, and their social challenges, in transnational contexts. Transnational Aging refers to the processes of organising, shaping, and coping with life in old age in contexts that are not limited to the frame of a single nation state. Transnational aging is more than just a geographic expansion of aging beyond national borders. It is entangled in complex border crossing processes and structures that impact and change aging and older people’s life worlds opening both new possibilities and news risks. It challenges our current assumptions about old age and aging as well as the often still nationally framed interventions, social organizations and policies.

The Research Cluster focuses transnational aging on the following, often interlinked dimensions:

  • Everyday life, biographies and identities of older people
  • Social services and organizations
  • Social policies

The Research Cluster welcomes the cooperation with interested scholars. Please do not hesitate to contact us.